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There are cheaper hosting companies, but few have the corporate infrastructure resources of Verizon Web Hosting Services. This justifies the slightly higher prices for hosting services.

Verizon Web Hosting Services Plans & Pricing ()

Verizon Web Hosting Services provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, but it is important to read all terms and conditions. “Unlimited” doesn’t always mean what it should.

Verizon Web Hosting Services Web Hosting was created to help businesses get the visibility they deserve and create professional-quality websites. Although their plans are slightly more expensive than others, the top two plans come with Verizon Web Hosting Services SiteBuilder. This will allow you to design your own website.

Some of their services include:

  • Domains
  • Email
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Stores

Domain registration


Verizon offers a variety of domains at very competitive prices. When you rent a domain on their platform, you’ll have domain privacy and security, as well DNS management and 24/7 support.



An email address for your business is a way to project a trustworthy image, especially when you are communicating with customers or partners. Verizon offers several email hosting plans that range from just 1 mailbox to more than 20+ mailboxes.

  • 1 Mailbox: For as low as $3.19/mo you can get 1 mailbox to handle all your business needs.
  • 5 Mailboxes: If you have a small staff and need mailboxes for every member of the team, you can purchase 5 mailboxes starting at $1.59/mo.
  • 10 Mailboxes: at $1.19 per mailbox.
  • 20+ Mailboxes: There are no limits to the number of mailboxes you can own, but the more you ask, the less you will pay.

WordPress Hosting


Whether you are a new business owner requiring only one website, or a founder of a multinational company, you can use Verizon’s WordPress Hosting.

Their lowest plan starts at $6.49/mo. All plans come with a free website builder. 

  • Starter: For $6.49/month you can host one domain and 100 subdomains. You also get 100GB of disk storage, 10 email addresses, secure HTTPS, and more.
  • Standard: For an additional $1, you’ll get all of the benefits of the Starter plan, as well as 400 sub-domains, 40 email addresses, 400GB of disk space and 1 private domain registration.



Verizon is known for providing high quality service at reasonable prices and consistent value year after year. They offer three hosting plans:

  • Basic: This plan includes everything you need for a professional, mobile-friendly site at $2.92/month.
  • Advanced: For $4.22/month, the advanced plan is great for increasing traffic and establishing strong digital presence.
  • Premier: Sites with multiple pages, heavy files and high traffic are ideal. All for $5.22 per month.

Website Builder


Verizon Small Businesses makes it easy for anyone to create and customize a website.

  • Basic: Build your website starting at $6.66 per month This plan includes domain name and email.
  • Professional: This plan is the same as the Basic but with more storage and email to your employees.

Pros and cons

You should carefully consider choosing the right host for your company.


  • Cheap pricing
  • Customizable backend
  • Support is available 24 hours a day
  • Simple app install


  • Poor branding and policies
  • Frequent downtime
  • Lacks modern features

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