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In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about one of the best-known hosting companies in the world: HostGator. HostGator 2022: Should you choose it?

Hostgator was established in Houston, Texas in 2002. The company has grown internationally since then with 12 offices that provide local support to customers in 12 different countries. HostGator claims that they offer hosting for more than two million websites around the world.


HostGator Plans & Pricing ()

HostGator provides five types of hosting plans. The shared hosting plan starts at $2.75 per Month.

We’ll be looking at them individually in this section.

Shared Hosting


HostGator offers basic shared website hosting plans that include a domain free for one year. However, there is very little else. We’ll discuss HostGator’s pros and cons. This plan does not include key features that other companies offer at no additional cost.

HostGator provides three options for shared hosting:

  • The Hatchling PlanIt can only support one site
  • The Baby PlanIt supports unlimited websites
  • The Business PlanThe package includes a Positive SSL certificate, SEO tools and many other features.

HostGator shared plans can be a viable option for those with a limited budget. However, the HostGator catalogue offers better options at a lower monthly cost. All three plans include one-click installation for PHP-based Content Management Systems. They also have a very user-friendly cPanel.

Managed WordPress Hosting


Managed WordPress Hosting is far less limited than Shared Hosting and outperforms more affordable options in three key areas:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Scalability

HostGator Managed WordPress has many key features that are not available in other plans. It comes with daily backups, and more server resources that shared plans. However, it doesn’t provide the key perks offered by other hosting companies.

Managed WordPress is the best in class and includes access to a global, enterprise grade CDN. This Content Delivery Network loads the site’s largest assets from a server that is physically near each user who visits your site. Thanks to a CDN, your site will be equally fast to all users, regardless of where they’re located. HostGator doesn’t offer this feature in their WordPress hosting plans.

HostGator WordPress hosting is affordable at just $5.95 per month. However, Managed WordPress has better alternatives.

VPS Hosting


HostGator has several virtual private servers plans:

  • Access to the root system in full
  • Backups every week
  • A test deployment environment
  • MySQL databases unlimited
  • There is enough computing power to support gaming
  • Unlimitless number of incoming or outgoing emails

Snappy 4000 VPS plans start at $23.95/month. Snappy 8000 is their premium plan and starts at $59.95/month.

Other hosting providers offer VPS hosting services into a broader price range, providing more resources for those that need them. Snappy VPS plans can be a great option for anyone looking to get started with VPS hosting. However, their initial offer might not be enough for customers who are enterprise-grade. HostGator has dedicated servers available for this sector.

Dedicated Server Plans

HostGator provides three dedicated server hosting packages:

  • Value Server
  • Power Server
  • Enterprise Server

These plans are available from $89.99 to $139.99 a month. HostGator’s dedicated servers can be used in many ways. These servers also offer key security features like DDoS protection, IP-based firewalls, and other important security features.

Cloud Hosting Plans

HostGator doesn’t offer hosting solutions for companies looking to manage their files on a private “cloud.”

Website Builder


Many business owners don’t have the technical skills to build websites. They prefer DIY solutions like Squarespace and Wix. So, it’s no surprise that hosting providers are going the extra mile to offer intuitive and accessible website builders.

You may have noticed a pattern. Most HostGator product lines begin with a minimal introductory offer, which the average user will outgrow. Be prepared for upsells.

HostGator’s Express website builder plans are no different. Express Start is their basic plan. It only includes:

  • Access to their visual site builder
  • With a yearly subscription, you get a free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • You can run three email campaigns per calendar month with these tools
  • Online store with 3 products

eCommerce Hosting

Unlike other hosting providers, HostGator doesn’t offer plans specially designed for the eCommerce sector. The closest you can get with HostGator is managed WordPress hosting, which, it’s safe to assume, gives you a competitive edge when running WooCommerce on your WordPress installation.

Reseller Hosting Plans

HostGator provides three plans for reseller hosting:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Silver

All three plans offer unlimited website support and client billing. The disk space is 60 GB up to 140 GB.

Reseller hosting may be one of HostGator’s most competitive categories. While its range of solutions seems pretty limited at first sight, it’s a solid service for those just starting as hosting resellers. It’s also very convenient pricing-wise, giving resellers the chance to sell their services at a substantial profit.

Pros & Cons

Hostgator is a trusted host company worldwide, due to:


  • High uptime guarantee
  • Site speed is above-average, especially when using managed WordPress plans
  • Current infrastructure


  • HostGator is often less expensive than competitors because you get more features, such as professional email addresses, webmail access, backups and SEO insights and analytics.
  • CDN access for enterprise grade is not included
  • Can be integrated with Cloudflare CDN plans, but they’re not included
  • WordPress Plans don’t include staging sites

Frequently Asked Questions by HostGator

What does HostGator do?

HostGator hosts websites from a variety of sizes and traffic volumes. According to, the website of Costa Rica’s Tourism Board is hosted on HostGator and Santa Barbara City College’s website, among others. HostGator is a good choice for small to mid-sized websites considering the pros/cons we discussed in this post. 

Is HostGator legit?

HostGator operates legally under the Endurance International Group/NewFold Digital umbrella. 

How much is HostGator per month?

Like most hosting companies, HostGator structures its plans, so it’s more cost-efficient to hire hosting yearly than every month. A 36-month HostGator plan can cost as little as $2.75 + taxes, depending on what package you choose. 

HostGator for beginners is it a good choice?

HostGator’s intuitive cPanel is suitable for beginners. Some essential features can be purchased as an extra and could result in a reduced experience. This is especially true for newbies who are managing websites. HostGator is still a good option for beginners. 

These are the Key Takeaways

HostGator has a reputation for being one of the best companies in the world. We shared the following information in this HostGator review:

  • An overview of HostGator’s plans & services
  • These are some of the most commonly reported pros
  • Some of the most common cons
  • Answers to top HostGator queries.

What about you? Do you remember using HostGator in the past? Do you have a website hosted on HostGator before? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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